Certified Pre-Owned

Valley Motor Company of Scottsdale has been selected to sell Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

Used Vehicle Price / New Vehicle Confidence

For a quality car at a great price, look for the QUALITY PLUS Certifed Pre-Owned Vehicle seal. Only dealerships with the highest standards are allowed to participate in this program. Each vehicle undergoes a rigorous, multi point inspection, providing you with a worry-free purchase. A QUALITY PLUS Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is a quality, dependable vehicle, giving you the confidence you need today and the protection you need tomorrow. 

Your purchase comes with
Added protection

The Quality Plus Certified COOL program provides assurance that your vehicle has been inspected and is certified for proper working order and coverage to protect against unanticipated component breakdowns and related repair costs.

Roadside assistance — With emergency roadside service you can receive 24/7 assistance with lockouts, tire changes, jump starts, fluid delivery, and towing. Help is just a phone call away!

Car rental — We understand that your vehicle is often a necessity. We provide reimbursement for a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in a repair facility for a covered repair.

Trip interruption — We want you to feel comfortable. If your vehicle has a covered mechanical breakdown while away from home, we provide reimbursement for required meals and lodging.

Transferability — If you sell your vehicle within your warranty terms, the remaining coverage can be transferred to the new owner, enhancing the resale value.

The Quality Plus Certified COOL program
provides comprehensive coverage for

Key vehicle components

Engine — Engine block, cylinder head, rotor housing, oil pan, valve cover; all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block, rotor housing and cylinder head; oil pump; timing chain, gears, and tensioners; timing belt and tensioners; balance belt; variable valve camshaft adjuster; intake and exhaust manifolds; harmonic balancer; engine mounts; water pump; flywheel; and flexplate.

Transmission, transaxle, and transfer case — (Automatic and standard) Case housings;
housing covers and pans; all internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission, transaxle, and transfer case housings; torque converter; viscous coupling; vacuum modulator; and transmission mounts.

Drive axle — (Includes transaxle and 4 wheel drive vehicles.) Front and rear drive axle housings and covers; all internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housings; axle shafts; constant velocity joints and boots; driveshafts; universal joints; flex discs; driveshaft center support bearing; driveshaft yokes; 4 wheel drive engagement actuators and motors; and 4 wheel drive locking hubs

Cooling — Radiator; fan motor and relay; thermostat; fan shroud; fan clutch; fan
blades; and coolant recovery unit.

Interior comfort and climate
(Factory or dealer installed with factory approved parts only). Air conditioning compressor, clutch, pulley, and its mounting bracket; accumulator; receiver dryer; evaporator; condenser; idler pulley and bearing; serpentine belt tensioner; expansion valve; orifice tube; air conditioning pressure switch; and blower motor and fan.

Seals and gaskets — Seals and gaskets for all listed parts

Program benefits provide
Safety & Security
Please see your warranty for
specific exclusions and details
of benefits.